One of the main fronts of the CBR, dedicated to the struggles of radiologists and diagnostic imaging and the professional updating of its associate members. CBR's non-partisan political role is essential to represent the expert in various fields: Legislative, Executive (including regulatory bodies) and Judiciary.



The Brazilian Hierarchical Classification of Medical Procedures was built and updated by the Brazilian Medical Association.
coding, nomenclature, hierarchization and valuation framework of scientifically recognized medical procedures in Brazil.

The CBR actively participates in its updating process and also fights for its implementation in the supplementary health and the Unified Health System as an instrument for fair coverage of the costs of care and ensuring access of the population to the most modern in medicine. In the last year the CBR has registered important achievements in this area.


Legal advice
The CBR associate, individual or legal entity, has at his disposal a specialized team of lawyers that assist in consultations and opinions of the segment, following the legislation of the sector and acting in different spheres, under the guidance of the Board of the College, in favor of of the interests of medical specialists.

Reporting Channel