With an innovative approach, the course's core objectives are upgrading to industry leaders as well as training new leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Reflect and rethink the dynamics of the health value chain, as well as its business, information and relationship flows. It is in this context that the first module of the course Radiology in the Transition of Health Systems, in Brazil and in the world was designed to encourage dialogue with physicians and other health professionals working in the Radiology specialty. The focus is mainly on participants with an entrepreneurial profile, who may or may not have their own businesses, as well as managers of diagnostic imaging support centers.

The activity was designed to promote reflections and insights into emerging opportunities for intensive use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in health in general and in radiology in particular. One of the central goals is upgrading to industry leaders as well as training new leaders in a rapidly changing world.

In this first module, with a minimum duration of 12 hours, the grid consists of six themes, as follows:

1. Ongoing Transitions in Health Care Systems: What Drives the World to Change.

2. Radiology, in the Health Value Chain: trends, big players, market forces (consolidation, concentration, professionalization, internationalization, regulation and relationship with operators), financing, investments and foreign capital inflows.

3. Management Challenges for Business Sustainability: teleradiology, mobile units, integrated systems, productivity, service security.

4. Digital Business Models in Radiology: artificial intelligence, wearable, internet of things, 3D printing, mobile, cognitive computing, cloud collaboration, image processing.

5. The Physician and the Patient at the Value Generation Center: humanization, asymmetry of knowledge, ownership, security and confidentiality of information, privacy, cultural aspects and ethical issues.

6. Potential Opportunities: the era of the shared, circular digital economy, the entrepreneurial mindset, a new equation of costs and investments, a market without borders.


Participants with entrepreneurial profile, may or may not own their own business, and managers of diagnostic support centers specialized in imaging.

03/16/2018 (from 14h to 19h)
03/17/2018 (9am - 5pm)

CBR Headquarters - Paulista Avenue, 37 - 7th floor - Bela Vista - Sao Paulo (SP)
R $ 2,000 (value for CBR members)
R $ 2,950 (value for non-members of CBR)

Vacancies: limited




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