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MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine CBR/FIA: class confirmed

Last vacancies! Classes start on March 3rd.

The 2nd Class of the MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine CBR/FIA is confirmed. Classes start on March 3rd. The course is organized by CBR, in partnership with Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) and taught in the Distance Learning modality (EAD), which facilitates the participation of students from all over the country, with face-to-face meetings held every six months.

Members who are in good standing with CBR, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) or the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine (ABRAMED) have a 20% discount on the course.

training and networking

The MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine was designed by CBR and FIA for professionals who intend to develop training in health management and/or understand the application of management concepts, methods and techniques in this sector. In addition, it is also presented as a response to the growing demand for professionals trained to understand the challenges of the contemporary world and to propose and implement innovative and valuable solutions in the diagnostic medicine segment.

Us face-to-face workshops, approximately every six months, at the headquarters of CBR, in São Paulo (SP), incentives will be given to networking between colleagues and soft skills, such as leadership, solving complex problems and other situations in which face-to-face classes are richer. The course has a total of 500 hours, of which around 60 hours are face-to-face activities.

The hybrid teaching format, with synchronous (live classes) and asynchronous activities (such as video classes, study materials, podcasts, discussion groups) is designed to offer practicality to the student, and to transmit the classroom experience in the digital environment, with high quality.


- Systemic View of the Health Sector
- Strategic management
- Diagnostic Medicine Operations
- Quality in Health Services
- Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health
- Incorporation of New Technologies
- Finance
- Marketing and Customer Relations
- People management
- Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Health
- Management Systems & ESG
- Experiential Activities
- Interpersonal Skills
- Seminar on Elaboration of Scientific Papers
- Completion of course work

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