Note on Thyroid Protector Use During Mammography

There have already been reports in the media suggesting a relationship between mammography and increased incidence of thyroid cancer. These reports raise doubts about the need to use thyroid protector during mammography. On this subject it is important to reaffirm:

1) There is no consistent data to show that a woman undergoing mammography has an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

2) The radiation dose to the thyroid during a mammogram is extremely low (less than 1% of the dose received by the breast). This is equivalent to 30 minutes of radiation exposure from natural sources.

3) Based on these data, the risk of thyroid cancer induction after a mammogram is insignificant (less than 1 case per 17 million women who undergo an annual mammogram between 40 and 80 years);

4) In addition, the thyroid protector may interfere with breast positioning and generate overlap - factors that may reduce image quality, interfere with diagnosis and lead to the need for repeat examinations.

5) In a note, the International Atomic Energy Agency points out: “In modern mammography, there is negligible exposure to places other than the breast. The main value of using radiation shields is psychological. If such protectors are provided, only at patient request. The protector should not be kept on display in the examination room. The presence of aprons and necklaces in the mammography room may suggest that their use is an acceptable practice, which is not the case. ”

Therefore, the Brazilian College of Radiology, the Brazilian Society of Mastology and the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations reiterate the position of NOT RECOMMENDING THYROID PROTECTOR USE IN MAMMOGRAPHY EXAMS. This position is in line with the position of other international entities: American College of Radiology, American Society for Breast Disease, American Thyroid Association and International Atomic Energy Agency.

National Commission of Mammography:

Brazilian College of Radiology

Brazilian Society of Mastology

Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

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