Stamp Requests

Important Guidelines for Quality Stamp Acquisition

1) The purchase of quality seals is authorized only for services previously approved in the CBR quality programs and certified within the validity period.
2) Quality stamps delivery time: 30 calendar days (from the 1st business day after the payment of the bank slip).
3) The clinic should inform the CBR about the period that the establishment will be closed (recess / vacation) to avoid problems with the return of postage. Please note that the expenses arising from postal resubmission will be borne by the applicant.
4) The ordering of stamps and the issuance of payment slip are made through the CBR Stamp Portal.

Click here to access the CBR stamp portal 

If you have any questions, please contact the Quality Department at (11) 3372-4541 / 4542/4549 or quality@cbr.org.br.

Seal Values
Mammography R$ 258,00 (o milheiro)
Magnetic Resonance R$ 258,00 (o milheiro)
Computed tomography R$ 258,00 (o milheiro)
Ultrasound R$ 258,00 (o milheiro)