Member Advantages


To become a CBR member, you must complete the online form and then upload the following documents:

  • 1 x Photo
  • 1 x Authenticated CRM Copy
  • 1 x Copy of Expert Title (if you have the title)
  • 1 x Area Practice Statement (signed by a CBR member)


Member Benefits

Learn about the benefits of CBR members:

  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Library
  • Workplace
  • Free access to PEC
  • Ebooks
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • CBR Magazine (bimonthly)
  • Classifieds (ads on site)
  • 85% discount on ARRS

CBR Benefit Club

The Benefits Club seeks to provide CBR members with the greatest advantages in all areas, with discounts on the purchase of products and services. There are already ten partners who offer unique advantages to college members, their spouses and dependents. To date, the benefits already cover the areas of health (Qualicorp), education (FIA Business School and PECE-USP), tourism (Pontual Turismo), retail (Fast Shop) and insurance (Azul Seguros, Itaú Seguros and Porto Seguro) .





About CBR Members

The members of CBR are: Holders, Residents and Perfecting, Affiliates, Correspondents, Affiliates and Students.


Physicians with the title of Specialist granted or recognized by the CBR and who exclusively exercise one or more methods of the College.

Residents or Perfecting

Physicians registered in residency recognized by the Ministry of Education or CBR-accredited training course.


Doctors with an Area of Practice Certificate granted or recognized by the CBR who practice one of the College's methods as a secondary activity or who have completed residency in Radiology MEC Ministry / National Council of Medical Residency (CNRM) or CBR-accredited Vacancy Improvement Course .


Doctors residing abroad and exercising one of the CBR methods.


Affiliate may be a physician who does not hold a specialty title or area certificate, granted and recognized by AMB / CBR, but who has affinity with any of these areas.


The medical student who has interest and affinity with the Diagnostic Imaging methods.