CBR members can be briefly:

Holders: doctors with a Specialist Title granted or recognized by the CBR and who exclusively exercise one or more methods of the College.

Affiliates: Doctors with an Area of Practice Certificate granted or recognized by the CBR who exercise one of the College's methods as a secondary activity or who have completed their residency in Radiology MEC Ministry / National Council of Medical Residency (CNRM) or CBR-accredited Vacancy Improvement Course .

Affiliate: Affiliate may be a doctor who does not hold a specialty title or area certificate, granted and recognized by AMB / CBR, but who has affinity with any of these areas.

Matches: doctors residing abroad and exercising one of the CBR methods.

Residents or students: doctors enrolled in residency recognized by the Ministry of Education or CBR-accredited training course.

Students: The medical student who has interest and affinity with the Diagnostic Imaging methods.

There are also honorary members, merits and legal entities.


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