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For CBR, training and upgrading Radiology and Imaging professionals also means spreading the technological advances in the medical device and equipment market. For this, the CBR provides in its monthly newsletter, the CBR Bulletin, spaces for advertisements (advertising inserts) that can be hired by companies, industries and other interested parties. The CBR Bulletin has national circulation and approximately 10,000 copies, distributed free to members and through annual subscription to interested non-members. Its national penetration allows unmatched reach and efficiency, which enables the advertiser to position its brand in front of its target audience throughout Brazil. The publication also offers full free content through the CBR Portal (www.cbr.org.br), with an estimated 45,000 readers across the country. To announce interested parties should contact the CBR Commercial Department:
Syana Tahan 
Phone: (11) 3372-4562 
Email: comercial@cbr.org.br

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