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Clinic in the interior of Mato Grosso, hires a sonographer with a Specialist Title. Possibility of earning approximately R$40 to 50 thousand/month. Contact: Carlos (66) 99985-5118.

Code: 2023-82

In-person vacancy for radiologist (with RQE), to work in the largest hospitals on the coast of SC, with payment varying from R$35,000.00 to R$50,000.00 monthly, depending on production. Knowledge of USG/Doppler and Tomography is required. Possibility of MRI reports. (47) 9 9758-3119 / (47) 3311-3648. GSS


Code: 2023-81

Digimax Group, a reference in RDI in the south of PR and SC, offers a vacancy for a sonographer or radiologist: USG (general, doppler and morphological), CT, MRI Min gain. : R$ 25 to 35 thousand (productivity). Possibility of developing a subspecialty and working with residency. Contact:

Code: 2023-80

Grupo Digimax, a reference in RDI, offers a vacancy for a US doctor, with a specialist title, to work in the city of Americana, Santa Bárbara and/or Nova Odessa/SP. Salary to match. Contact (19) 9.9269-9877 /

Code: 2023-79

Hospital in Criciúma/SC hires radiologist with RQE, to work in US, CT, RX, MMG and on call in radiology. Remuneration for productivity and on-call. Contacts: (48) 99997-7893 / (48) 99838-4952 / (63) 99299-5335 or email:

Code: 2023-78

Clínica Brasil Imagem, offers vacancy for ultrasonographer, newly formed or without experience. We have been a reference in diagnostic medicine in Santos-SP for over 30 years. Contact:

Code: 2023-77

Vacancy for radiologist and ultrasonographer (with RQE) to compose a team at a clinic in the city of LEME/SP, to work on ultrasound schedules, with the option of joining. Compensation for productivity and profits. Contacts: Dr. George- (19)98783-3742 or email:


Code: 2023-76

Diagnostic imaging clinic, in the market for over 20 years, located in the North Plateau of Santa Catarina, looking for a radiologist or ultrasound specialist with a specialist title. (CBR/ RQE). E-mail: or Phone/WhatsApp: Camila – (47) 3188-0820.


Code: 2023-75

Vacancy for Ultrasonographer, Image Diagnostic Clinic in Sorriso MT, above average earnings and membership plan. Requirements: Title CBR/RQE.
Contact: Ana (66) 9 9916-8610


Code: 2023-74

Face-to-face vacancy for radiologist (with RQE), to work in the largest hospitals on the coast of SC, with payment ranging from R$35,000.00 to R$50,000.00 monthly. Contact for more information (47) 9 9758-3119 / (47) 3311-3648.


Code: 2023-73

I sell membership fees in a diagnostic imaging clinic located in the city of Rio do Sul – SC. Service covering the entire region of the upper Itajaí valley. The shares correspond to the company's 35%. If interested, contact us via Phone/WhatsApp – (54) 99925-4581 or email: (negotiation with Dr. Hail Salman).

Code: 2023-72