2018-05-09 17:06:58 - 8

ABCDI holds a meeting with representatives of associated clinics

In the year in which it completes 16 years, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) reinforces its strong performance in representativeness and defense of companies. Among the different projects this year, the approach with associated clinics is an aspect that deserves to be highlighted. On May 4, during the 48th São Paulo Day of Radiology, an event promoted by the São Paulo Society of Radiology (SPR), ABCDI held a meeting with representatives of non-paying clinics that were registered for the event. The meeting was intended to be a moment of integration, discussing current and important topics for clinics across the country. Dr. Ademar José de Oliveira Paes Junior, director of ABCDI, led the discussions, presenting the structure and main activities of the association, as well as the composition of the Board and the benefits offered to associated clinics. It also dealt with the pitfalls and opportunities of the moment in the market of clinics with health operators and the main legal doubts of the associated companies. Dr. Conrado Furtado Cavalcanti, medical coordinator of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program, also participated in the meeting, detailing the scope and structure of Padi to participants.