2018-08-29 17:17:29 - 8

ABCDI holds workshop on cost, results and supply management

The Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI), under the direction of Dr. Ademar José de Oliveira Paes Junior, carried out, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine (ABRAMED), Planisa and Bionexo, a free Workshop with the theme “Cost Management, Results and Supplies”. The objective of the activity was to contribute to the expansion of the participants' knowledge, helping to identify opportunities, actions and tools aimed at the field of Radiology, in addition to contributing to discussions on the sustainability of clinics and services. After the opening performed by the president of the CBR, Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, Marcelo Carnielo, Planisa's technical director, addressed the theme “Cost Management Applied to Imaging Services”, emphasizing the importance of reducing the idleness of machines, equipment and structures so that it is possible to improve the sale price based on in cost, in addition to addressing the concept of the “smart agenda”, a system that considers the contribution margins of each exam to then define which procedures should be seen as a priority. Speakers Paulo Milan, also from Planisa, and Marcelo Cunha, from the Research Institute and Study of Diagnostic Imaging Foundation addressed, respectively, the themes “KPIH: An innovative solution for performance and results in health” and “Cost management in Diagnostic Imaging Service: A successful experience at the Foundation for Research and Study of Diagnostic Imaging – FIDI”, providing important reflections for the participants. In the second stage of the workshop, in the afternoon, directing his presentation to the purchasing department, Danilo Faria, commercial manager at Bionexo, addressed the importance of expanding the range of suppliers. “The purchasing sector is the richest area of the company, responsible for handling up to 80% of local funds. It is one of the most accessible sectors to reduce costs and, precisely for this reason, it is becoming increasingly strategic”, he reported. Denis Neves, market intelligence manager, and Diego Poblete, product manager, both from Bionexo, also contributed to the debate. On the occasion, functionalities of tools developed by both Planisa and Bionexo were presented, which are aimed at cost management and the acquisition of materials.