2020-07-03 11:57:30 - 8

ABCDI has a new partner and more benefits for associated clinics

ABCDI signed a new partnership with SpinEcho consulting, a technical and commercial advisory company specialized in diagnostic imaging equipment. With this new benefit, clinics associated with ABCDI can count on support oriented to their needs, always focusing on the best cost-benefit ratio. A discount of 20% will be offered on the budget of each service offered. Discover the services: Technical assistance Due to the high complexity of the equipment, trained professionals will seek to equalize the technical specifications according to the needs of each customer so that the service acquires the equipment that best meets its real needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses and, mainly, surprises in the post-treatment period. sale. commercial advice Support in complex negotiations with manufacturers, protecting the interests of clinics and creating specific negotiation strategies for each situation. In addition to creating business plans and financial viability of the acquisition and after-sales project, including service contracts and equipment maintenance. Market intelligence Carrying out market studies focused on micro-regions, identifying population density, coverage of lives by SUS and health insurance. Ideal for clinics that plan to expand their brand into new regions, aiming at sustainable growth and rapid return on investment. continuous improvement program On-site action to identify points of improvement to increase productivity (protocol review, patient logistics, exam scheduling, reception, equipment upgrades). Training of technical staff and employees in environments with safety restrictions in terms of current standards for radiological and electromagnetic protection. ABCDI is available to clarify any doubts regarding this new benefit and to support clinics in this first contact with SpinEcho. Please contact us for more details.