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Open season for submission of scientific papers to CBR20

Open season for submission of scientific papers to CBR20

The season for submission of scientific works in the "Electronic Panels" modality at CBR20 is open and the deadline for submission of works ends on the 7th of August.

Electronic panels are presentations of scientific works through a series of digital screens that will be made available on the CBR20 virtual platform, as this year the event will be completely online.

The types of papers accepted will be: Original work, Iconographic essay It is Case report.

The categories will be:

          • Ultrasonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics / Fetal Medicine

          • General Ultrasound

          • Cardio/Chest

          • breast

          • Internal Medicine / Genitourinary / Gastrointestinal

          • Skeletal muscle

          • Neuroradiology / Head and Neck

          • Bone Densitometry, Radiological Technique, Radiotherapy and Medical Physics

          • Interventional Radiology

          • Oncology (including PET-CT and Radiotherapy)

          • General Radiology (including Bone Densitometry, Radiation Physics, ionizing radiation, Contrast media and Radiological Protection)

          • Pediatrics

Check the regulation with all the information for the presentation of electronic panels and keep an eye on the deadlines:

- Deadline for submission of papers: August 7, 2020

- Publication of the result of the approved works and the Top 10 best:

 September 8th

- Deadline for sending video presentations of the Top 10 best approved works:
September 20, 2020