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There's still time: sign up for the MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine

Members of CBR, SBP and SBPC have a 20% discount on monthly fees The MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine, in partnership with FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração), is an opportunity for professionals who seek to update and develop skills in order to develop better management of their businesses or as a professional in their work environment. The course is aimed at professionals in the areas of administration or health. It will start in May, with an inaugural class on the 17th, and will be held fortnightly at the CBR Continuing Medical Education Center (CEMC CBR), in São Paulo. The teaching staff is mostly composed of masters and doctors, in addition to specialists and professionals of notorious knowledge in the area, in addition to solid didactic and market experience, which guarantees excellent technical, academic and didactic training for students. . There is no registration fee for interested parties and CBR, SBP and SBPC members have a 20% discount on monthly fees, which is an exclusive advantage for this audience. To learn more about this important CBR initiative in the field of Education, watch the CBR Studio dedicated to the topic, available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_x1JY_5wow Information and registration: https://fia.com.br/mba/gestao-medicina-diagnostica/