ANS upgrades Procedures Roll to 2018

The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) released its new list on November 7, a new list of procedures that should have mandatory coverage by health plans, from January 2, 2018. In total, 18 procedures were between exams, therapies and surgeries.

Below is a list of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging procedures and changes in Technical Use Guidelines (DUTs):

- Lower limb arterial magnetic resonance angiography (with DUT): noninvasive imaging examination performed on magnetic resonance imaging equipment for analysis of lower limb arteries;

- Lower limb arterial computed tomography angiography (with DUT): noninvasive imaging examination performed by computed tomography for analysis of lower limb arteries;

- Ultrasonic liver elastography (with DUT): imaging exam for diagnosis of liver fibrosis;

- CSF magnetic resonance imaging (with DUT): noninvasive diagnostic examination for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow assessment;

- Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for osteoid osteoma treatment: imaging-guided procedure using special needles to cause thermal damage to benign bone tumor cells.


DUT change coverage coverage

- Oncological PET / CT with somatostatin analogues for patients with neuroendocrine tumors;

- Optical coherence tomography (with guideline for use) in patients undergoing chemotherapy eye treatment with diabetic retinopathy, central retinal vein occlusion (OVC) and central retinal vein branch occlusion (ORVC).


DUT inclusion restricting coverage

- Brain perfusion scintigraphy for evaluation of dopamine transporters - DUT (When used for evaluation of dopamine transporters it will be mandatory for adult tremor patients when Parkinsonism cannot be clinically differentiated from essential tremor after evaluation by a neurology medical professional) .


Source: ANS

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