ANS launches second survey on contracting between operators and providers

The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) has made available the second edition of the research on contracting between operators and service providers. The objective is to obtain a detailed overview on the conclusion of contracts established from the edition of Law No. 13.003 / 2014, so that the Agency can improve actions in the relationship between health plans and their establishments or providers.

The operators will answer questions related to the forms of readjustment applied to hospitals, clinics and other health professionals, aspects of the conclusion of the contract, the causes of disallowance and operator / provider relationship regarding the negotiation of the contract.

For the providers, the questions will be about the most frequent points of disagreement in the conclusion of the contracts, the form of readjustment, modalities of operators that provide services, causes and percentages of disallowed guides, access by the provider to the operator and operator / provider relationship. contract negotiation.

The survey will be available until September 25, 2017. Participation is voluntary and it should also be noted that there will be no disclosure of individualized data by operator or provider.

Access the operator and provider contracting research by clicking on the following links:

Questionnaire for providers: http://formsus.datasus.gov.br/site/formulario.php?id_aplicacao=33411

Carrier Quiz: http://formsus.datasus.gov.br/site/formulario.php?id_aplicacao=33306

Source: National Agency of Supplementary Health - ANS

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