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Take advantage of CBR22 to take the AVR course

Take advantage of the 51st Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR22), in Florianópolis (SC), in the South Center, to also take the Life Assistance in Radiology (AVR) course, which will be held on September 1st. Secure your spot now!

The AVR course has theoretical and practical classes, with training for accessing the airways, cardiovascular resuscitation and guidance in situations where there is an imminent risk of life. It also includes theoretical classes on contrasts (characteristics of contrast media, adverse reactions, risk factors and prevention), as well as a protocol for the treatment of adverse reactions to contrast media. Those who pass receive a certificate, which is valid for two years. The CBR AVR course is coordinated by Adonis Manzella.

To take the AVR course during CBR22, separate registration is required. Quite CBR associates have a discount. Run spots are limited.

The CBR22 is unmissable!

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The extensive program of the 51st Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging brings together the latest in radiology, with scientific activities in 16 subspecialties and other topics of interest to radiologists.

- Update Courses
- Novelties in literature
- Marathon in an innovative format
- Arenas (Innovation, Humanities, Radioprotection, Ultrasound)
- Professional Defense
- Rare and challenging cases
- Tumor Board / Multidisciplinary Session
- Hot Topics
- Point and Counterpoint
- Contrast media
- Undergraduate radiology
- Exhibition of scientific works

Did you like it? Well, this is just a sample. There's much, much more! The CBR22 is a must.

The entire program was prepared by a Scientific Commission made up of 36 of the most renowned specialists in the field, with speakers from all over Brazil and the world, in an environment focused on promoting broad interaction between congressmen.

You won't be left out, will you? See you in Florida!

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