2020-08-14 11:43:05 - 8

Members who paid 2020 Dues in January can enroll for free until August 17

Associates who took advantage of the special CBR promotion and paid their 2020 Annual Fee in January automatically won the right to register for the 49th Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR20) free of charge. The deadline to guarantee participation without paying the registration fee ends next Monday, August 17th. After this period, the current table value will be charged. The process is very simple and similar to an online purchase. Remembering that, when accessing the registration environment, it will be necessary to "accept" the terms. Another piece of good news: priority was also given to these associates in acquiring the hands-on courses that will be offered at the event. Initially they were available for purchase by credit card, in the same registration environment, and now they can also be purchased by bank slip. Sign up: https://www.congressocbr.com.br/
*Condition valid for associates who paid the annuity until 1/31/2020. Single and non-transferable registration.