2021-12-20 11:40:31 - 8

Today is the last day to register for the 2022 Annual Residents and Improvers Assessment!

Enrollment for the 2022 Annual Resident and Improvement Assessment closes today (December 20, 2021) to the 11:59 pm (Brasilia time). The exam will take place on the day January 30, 2022 (Sunday), to the 1pm (Brasília time), in the format 100% online. Pay attention to the schedule: In 6 The January 10, 2022 – After the registration closes, the Candidate Handbook will be sent to applicants through the company Fundep. In 6 The January 26, 2022 – Schedule the pre-test on the platform where the assessment will take place. The available dates and times must be consulted directly in the Candidate Handbook. Don't miss the deadline, sign up now at: https://icase.newcbr.itarget.com.br/estacao/index/index/evento/132