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Annual Resident Assessment is carried out in 12 cities in Brazil

Residents from different parts of Brazil participated, on January 27, in the 2019 Annual Evaluation of Residents and Improvers. Known for the extreme care in its preparation, both from the pedagogical point of view and radiological content, the evaluation is an initiative of the Colégio Brasileiro of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) since 2001 and was born with the aim of evaluating how Radiology teaching was in the country. This is an assessment that is suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year residents, with different approach questions for each level. According to Dr. Túlio Macedo, coordinator of the Title and Admission Commission, the assessment has been marked by constant evolution. "There has been a great improvement in the pedagogical part in the last editions of the test. The review of the questions has been even more careful and the type of approach is much better. The test is wide, as it manages to involve a large part of the subjects of Radiology and Image. This must be the best elaborate test we've had in recent years, as there was a great effort for the quality to be high", he explains. To encourage participation, if the resident achieves 70% or more in the test, that is, scores 7 or more, he is released from the theoretical part of the Specialist Title Test. With the results, the Teaching Commission analyzes and works on these statistics and, if perhaps a residency does not go well, it is inspected to see how much CBR can help it to improve teaching. If the educational institution continues to show poor results over the years, it is disqualified. "In addition to evaluating the institution, the test also shows the candidate whether he is making progress in knowledge according to the criteria established by the College. From his test score he can mark himself, identifying which area he needs to dedicate more time to study", concludes Dr. Thulium. The Doctor. Pedro Henrique Dias Quirino, R1 Hospital Heliópolis, assessed the test positively. "The test was interesting, it put a little more emphasis on the breast area, which is something we have a lot of contact with in the first year. I thought it was cool", he said. Already Dr. Leonardo Costa Rodrigues, R2 at Hospital das Clínicas Samuel Libânio, in Pouso Alegre (MG), evaluated this year's test as better than last year's. "I thought MRI was charged less than in 2018. R1 often doesn't have as much contact with MRI, so I rate it better. I thought it was well organized, I liked it", he declared. doctor Renan Bastos Leite, R3 at the University Hospital of the Federal University of Piauí, has already done it in previous years and highlighted the evaluation as a seal of professional quality. "Having the CBR seal attesting that the person has passed the test is important for the professional market", he pointed out. This edition of the race recorded the participation of 1754 participants across the country. New for Subscribers Before the test starts, a video of Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, president of CBR, was broadcast in all rooms. In addition to welcoming, wishing participants well and reinforcing the importance of interaction between CBR and residents through social media, Dr. Alair informed the participants about the special and exclusive promotion: 25% off the registration fee of the Brazilian Congress of Radiology 2019 (CBR19) only for the participants of the Annual Resident Assessment. "We are making a special program and we will have the participation of 10 professors from the European Society of Radiology, which will certainly bring a lot of news and information to all of you. We will also have hands-on courses and others that we will disclose. Our board will be for the period of 2019 and 2020 and we want to count on the support and participation of all of you in our events throughout the national territory", he emphasized. To guarantee the discount, the participant must register until February 10 through the website www.congressocbr.com.br A folder about the promotion was distributed to all participants. Click here to download the material and here to watch the streamed video. The Brazilian Congress of Radiology 2019 (CBR19) will take place from October 10 to 12, at the Centro de Eventos do Ceará, in Fortaleza (CE). Follow our social media and stay on top of all the news. São Paulo Salvador BA) Rio de Janeiro - RJ) Fortress (CE) Ribeirão Preto (SP) Recife PE) Santa Catarina (SC)   Belo Horizonte (MG) Bethlehem (PA)