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Registration and Re-registration of Residents and Improvers until April 30

Attention Residents or Improvers: it's time to register or re-register with CBR!

Until April 30th, the deadline for registration and re-registration of Residents and Improvers with the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. Resident/Upgrading Level 1 and Upgrading Level 4 - In order for your training to be accompanied by CEAR – Commission for Teaching, Improvement and Medical Residency, we ask that you complete your registration through the CEAR Portal (https://cear.cbr.org.br/Login). After this process, the Coordinator responsible for your program must carry out the Annual Re-accreditation and activate your registration as a Resident Member so that, from then on, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the CBR, including participating in the Annual Assessments. Resident/Improving – Level 2 and 3 - must complete the annual re-registration and keep their personal data updated by accessing the Associate's Space (https://cbr.org.br/login-associado/). CEAR is responsible for guaranteeing the process of preparing Radiologists as specialists, promoting the certification of their diagnostic skills and their broad competences to work in different areas and services. Make your registration or re-registration now.