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CBR 17: Head and Neck welcomes Dr. Deborah Shatzkes

Dra Deborah ShatzkesDr. Deborah Shatzkes, who will be one of the speakers in the Head and neck of the XLVI Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR 17), which will take place from October 12th to 14th, in Curitiba (PR), gave a brief interview about his visit to the event. “This will be the second time I go to the College event; I participated in 2013 also in Curitiba. I take the opportunity to thank my dear colleague Luiz Otavio Coelho for the invitation”, he said. She is currently Professor of Radiology and Otorhinolaryngology at Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine and Head of Head and Neck Imaging at Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York. Additionally, he is vice president of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology and will serve as program chair for their 2018 annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia. “I act as a Head and Neck editor for Radiology and I collaborate as a subspecialty leader at the RSNA annual congress”, he specified. At CBR 17, he will lecture on sinonasal tumors, orbital disease patterns, sellar and parasellar masses, and vascular lesions of the head and neck – all review topics. There will also be two lectures with a less traditional format: “The first is a review of difficult or confusing diagnoses called 'The top 10 misdiagnoses in Head and Neck'. The other will be an unknown case session with my husband, Dr. Doug Phillips, who will also speak at the event. We presented this session for the first time at JPR 2013. We showed each other completely unknown cases, and the audience got to see how we worked with a differential diagnosis. Sometimes we were right and sometimes we were wrong, but it was really fun for us and something different for the audience!” doctor Shatzkes considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to speak in many countries across North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. He hasn't taught in Africa yet, but hopes to get there soon: “I can't express the impact my international activities have had on my professional and personal life. The opportunity to interact with radiologists practicing in other countries enriched my understanding of medicine and global cultures and, as a bonus, provided me with lifelong friendships”, he acknowledges. In addition to the content led by Dr. Shatzkes, Dr. Rainer Haetinger, coordinator of the Head and Neck module at the event, highlights other sessions: “Because many radiologists work with emergency and emergency services, a very important class will be on Urgency and emergency of the temporal bone, to be taught by Dr. Eloisa Gebrim, as the role of the radiologist in these situations is essential in the decision between clinical and surgical treatment. It is necessary to study and know this subject well in order to gain experience, since there is not always an opportunity to consult a radiologist specialized in this area in the short term. The classes on anatomy of the face and skull base, which will be given by me, and on the neck, under the responsibility of Dr. Ademar Paes Junior, also deserve attention, because Medical Schools, in general, teach very little about it”, he warns. doctor Rainer also highlights the presence of Dr. Luiz Otávio Coelho, regional organizer of the module and a professional very dedicated to the subject Temporal bone: “He has a beautiful and complete collection of cases and will talk about inflammatory disease and postoperative evaluation of this region”. All the Brazilian speakers participating in the module are authors of chapters in the book Cabeça e Pescoço, from the CBR Series, recently released. Despite the themes led by Dr. Shatzkes being more review-focused, Dr. Rainer explains that there will be a balance between revision and innovation. “When it comes to innovation, for example, Dr. Regina Gomes will address the theme Oral Cavity Injuries and the new TNM: what the radiologist should know, which will certainly bring news to those present. Oncology has been developing exponentially in recent times and we all need to keep up to date in this area. Incidentally, Dr. Deborah Shatzkes and Dr. Douglas Phillips will address this issue in the midst of their lectures”, he stresses. Registration for CBR 17 is open at: www.congressocbr.com.br.