2017-06-02 17:52:53 - 8

CBR 17: Head and Neck will receive two speakers from the USA

Rainer RaetingerThe year 2017 brings good winds for Head and Neck Radiology. In February, there was the launch of the printed book Cabeça e Pescoço, from the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnostics (CBR) series, edited by doctors Ademar José de Oliveira Paes Junior (SC) and Rainer Guilherme Haetinger (SP), containing 22 chapters and, as one of its innovations, bringing together doctors and specialists from other areas (otorhinolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, dentists, plastic surgeons, anatomists and speech therapists, among others). At the Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR 17), to be held from October 12th to 14th (registrations open in www.congressocbr.com.br), in Curitiba (PR), the subspecialty will be offered with the participation of two international speakers: Dr. Deborah R. Shatzkes, who returns to the capital of Paraná after participating in the event in 2013, and Dr. Douglas Phillips. Both operate in New York, United States. It is worth remembering that the national scientific coordinator of the module will be Dr. Rainer Haetinger, while local coordination will be in charge of Dr. Luiz Otávio Coelho (PR). Dr. Shatzkes is the editor of the magazine Radiology, professor of Radiology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, director of the Head and Neck Imaging area at The New York Head & Neck Institute and head of the Head and Neck Neuroradiology department at Lenox Hill Hospital. In addition, she is the current president of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ASHNR) and is also responsible for several publications of articles, books and chapters in different countries, as well as participating in the elaboration of the American Board of Radiology. Already Dr. Phillips is Professor of Radiology and Director of the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Weill Medical College of Cornell University It's from New York Presbyterian Hospital, serves on the executive committee of the ASHNR, is vice chairman of the Code and Nomenclature Committee of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and author of numerous scientific articles. received the honor America's Best Doctors between 2007 and 2009. His lectures at CBR 17 will include topics on neck anatomy, cervical diseases, vascular lesions, evaluation of parathyroids, mastoid tumors, lesions of the cavernous sinus, orbits, skull base, among others. There will also be an interactive class, like a game show. Other topics addressed include anatomy and inflammatory disease of the paranasal sinuses, new TNM staging of oral cavity lesions, inflammatory disease, malformations, urgencies, postoperative evaluation of the temporal bone, etc. The program was designed to serve both the public that is starting their training in Cabeça e Pescoço and residents and colleagues already active in the area, who will certainly have the opportunity to update themselves with the news presented. DR. RAINER GUILHERME HAETINGER Coordinator of the Head and Neck module of CBR 17