CBR accompanies: PIS and COFINS reform proposal will not apply to the services sector

After national mobilization, the government amended the proposal and decided that the service sector will continue on the cumulative two-tax regime, paying a percentage on revenue without the use of credits. The changes will only apply to the industry, which already pays both taxes under the non-cumulative regime, that is, discounted credits from previous stages of production.

Despite the positive aspect of the measure, it is necessary to follow the developments. The Government considers making PIS / COFINS changes in stages, without changes in the cumulative regime sectors to avoid negative impact on services. However, it is not clear whether all sectors encompassing services will not be affected.

The National Mobilization against PIS / COFINS Reform was broad and several categories were with authorities dealing with the issue at the end of last year. Those involved in the movement underline the importance of keeping parliamentarians aligned so that they stress to the Government the impertinence of any measure that results in tax increases and harms job recovery.

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