2018-09-12 18:04:32 - 8

CBR turns 70 on September 15th

The month of September is a period of celebration for the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis and, this year, it is even more special: the CBR completes 70 years of history! There are seven decades of work on behalf of radiologists, Radiology and Medicine, with a focus on better assistance to the population. And it is with this same dedication that the entity continues to look to the future. Several initiatives have been carried out so far, such as a special on the 70 years of the College in the CBR Bulletin, with a decade highlighted in each of all editions of the CBR Bulletin this year, in addition to specific content throughout the month of August in honor of the CBR on social media. Next Friday, September 14, a Solemn Session will be held to mark the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the CBR, at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (SP). The commemorative year of the CBR will also be in evidence during the Brazilian Congress of Radiology, which will take place exactly one month from now, from October 11th to 13th in Rio de Janeiro. Participate! To stay on top of all the actions in celebration of the College's 70th anniversary, follow our social media!