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CBR and AMB strengthen relations in favor of defending the profession and specialty

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Board of CBR and AMB meet
at AMB headquarters in São Paulo (SP).

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) and the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) met today (April 5) at 12:00 noon at the AMB headquarters, located in São Paulo (SP), to strengthen relations and discuss relevant topics to radiologists.

Present at CBR were: Dr. Cibele Carvalho – President; doctor Rubens Chojniak – 1st Vice President; doctor Hélio Braga – 2nd Vice President; doctor Bernardo Tessarollo – 1st Secretary; doctor Ronaldo Baroni – Scientific Director; Dr. Juliana Tapajós – Director of Professional Defense and Dr. Gustavo Balthazar – 1st Treasurer. For the AMB: Dr. César Eduardo Fernandes – President; Dr. Maria Rita De Souza Mesquita - 1st Secretary; doctor Akira Ishida - 1st Treasurer; doctor Fernando Sabia Tallo - 2nd Treasurer; doctor Antonio José Gonçalves - General Secretary and Dr. Etelvino de Souza Trindade - Vice President of the Midwest Region.

The following were discussed at the meeting: the importance of defending the Medical Act and strategies to contain the invasion of other professions in Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis and the impacts of CFM Resolution No. 2330/23.

Stay tuned and follow the institutional agenda with all events where CBR is present.

Together we are stronger!

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