2020-11-10 16:46:31 - 11

CBR and SBP launch campaign on conscious imaging in children and adolescents

Taking care of your health with care and seriousness is a great act of self-love and should be encouraged from childhood. Recently, the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnosis (CBR) and the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP) jointly launched the “Justify” campaign, which raises awareness among pediatricians and radiologists about the importance of requesting imaging tests for children and adolescents only when necessary. . The initiative has the support of Image Gently and the Sociedade Paranaense de Pediatria (SPP). According to Dr. Dolores Bustelo, member of the CBR, president of the Society of Radiology of Paraná and a reference in pediatric radiology in Brazil, the campaign is part of the global action "Boon Call For Action", idealized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Energy Agency Atomic Energy (IAEA). It brings together 10 practical actions that should be adopted by health professionals to improve radiological protection in medicine in the next decade. “Some imaging tests, such as X-rays and Computed Tomography, use ionizing radiation to form images that help prevent, detect and treat diseases. However, the pediatric age group, which includes children and adolescents, is more vulnerable to the effects of this radiation. In this way, we need to protect this public as much as possible so that exposure to unnecessary tests is less and less”, says the doctor. Although tests using ionizing radiation are not often indicated, they are essential for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients. To reinforce safety during the exam, the Computed Tomography and X-ray equipment has been constantly improved, requiring an ever smaller dose of radiation to obtain the images. In addition, radiologists are always alert to radiation levels so that they do not exceed the limit considered safe for the patient. According to the doctor. Dolores, it is important that the radiologist is informed about the patient's needs, so that he can level the radiation index during the examination. Even with the biological effects of ionizing radiation, imaging exams can be performed with all the safety and concern possible for pediatric and adult patients, preserving not only their health, but also their well-being and quality of life. During the launch of the campaign, which took place at the 49th Brazilian Congress of Radiology, in October, the president of the CBR, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, emphasized the fundamental relevance of the subject and listed some of the actions organized by the College in recent years in favor of radiological protection. “We are immensely happy to be able to act alongside the SBP in favor of children and adolescents. We will echo the recommendations on the need for individualized care and tailoring the prescription to each patient. This awareness is fundamental for the two specialists (radiologists and pediatricians) and even opens up the possibility of dialogue between professionals to discuss which test is most indicated or how to obtain the desired result”, he said.