2023-04-17 17:25:56 - 8

CBR obtains legal victory in lawsuit filed against CONTER

(Suspension of the effects of CONTER Resolution No. 10/2021)

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis - CBR, filed a lawsuit against the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF RADIOLOGY TECHNICIANS - CONTER, in order for the Defendant to refrain from providing Technical Responsibility Notes to radiology technologists for assuming the responsible position in radiology services radiology, since this function is exclusive to physicians.

Already at that moment, on August 23, 2021, preliminary injunction was granted, in order to determine the suspension of CONTER Resolution 10/2021, as it would have innovated in the legal system, extrapolating its sphere of competence.

on today's date (17/04), was published JUDGMENT OF PROCEDURE, confirming the guardianship granted, to DECLARE NULLITY of the aforementioned Resolution, as well as to determine that the defendant publish the judgment on its website, after the final decision, since the Resolution extends the interpretation of RDC Anvisa nº 330/2019, extrapolating its sphere of competence.