2021-03-04 13:07:04 - 11

CBR promotes the event “ATUALIZA21 – National Circuit of Radiology” with hands-on courses, practical demonstrations and a national marathon of challenging cases in the area

The event takes place on the 16th and 17th of April and places are limited.

Entries are now open for UPDATE21, the National Circuit of Radiology promoted by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) which takes place on April 16th and 17th. The event, 100% online, has several activities including courses hands on and practical demonstrations with live classes that, together, add up to more than 20 activities, in addition to the National Marathon of Radiological Cases, a game for solving challenging radiological cases involving state societies of Radiology affiliated to the CBR, radiologists and residents from all over the country. Those interested in participating must register on the UPDATE21 website where they can have access to detailed information on all courses. hands on and practical demonstrations of scientific programming. All activities have pre-classes and didactic material that will be made available 15 days before the day of the event so that the student can prepare and make the most of the live class, where there will be interactions between the teacher and other students. The Marathon of Radiological Cases will start on March 21st. All submitted cases go through an evaluation committee and the competition will involve all participating state societies. At the end there will be three winners, with a cash prize of R$ 20 thousand for the first place, R$ 10 thousand for the second and R$ 5 thousand for the third. According to Dr. Luciana Costa, CBR's scientific director, ACTUALIZA21, which gave way to the traditional CBR Update Course, reflects the partnership between the institution and its state societies towards the same purpose, which is to prepare radiologists from all over the country to work in the challenging emerging future and, consequently, improve and expand its deliveries for the health of the population. “Our cause is noble and we are getting closer and closer, sharing knowledge in a movement that goes beyond technical cooperation, contributing to the strengthening of our relations. This drives us, through CBR as a catalyst, to the formation of an intelligent collective, which optimizes its intellectual resources, and ends up being always more efficient than a mere intelligently directed society”, he concludes.