2018-09-12 18:02:04 - 8

CBR will hold a Meeting with the Academic Leagues focusing on the teaching of Radiology in graduation

The event, which aims to bring together several students, will focus on the teaching of Radiology in graduation, also addressing the area of Radiology as a specialty, the job market, challenges for the future and several other subjects of interest to students. The debate will be broadcast live on Facebook and Workplace, starting at 7 pm, and the Leagues will be able to interact by sending questions and comments. In addition, CBR invites up to 2 (two) representatives of each League to participate in the meeting at the College's headquarters, in São Paulo, located at Av. Paulista, 37 – Conj. 71 – 7th floor. This is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and discuss the future of Radiology. To participate, Leagues must RSVP by September 14th, next Friday, via social media or email ligas@cbr.org.br.