CBR has a new Virtual Learning Environment and gives free access to content for a limited time

Free and free access, at first for 30 days, until May 15. Meet and enjoy!

After the success of the CBR Webinar and BRAD Cases within the radiological community, Educa CBR gained yet another important initiative: the new CBR Virtual Learning Environment.

The new space, which promotes distance learning with maximum quality, already has available several courses and activities of interest to radiologists, such as webinars 2019, all classes from the two most recent Brazilian Radiology Congresses (CBR18 and CBR19), in addition to all PECs Online, already known to the public, all included in a new educational platform.

In addition, many other new features are being programmed exclusively for this platform, such as the CBR On, a totally online course, divided by modules, which will cover all subspecialties and topics of interest for all degrees of experience, from the resident to the most experienced radiologist who seeks updating.

In order for the learning experience to be even better, all stages were thought out and updated, from the moment the interested party accesses the website to search for the activities offered by CBR, including the presentation of each offer and the access itself.

See how simple it is to access the new CBR educational platform by accessing the website cbr.org.br:

• On the top menu bar, click on “Educa CBR” and then on “Courses”
• You will see some featured offers. Use the filter at the top of the page to search for offers by “type of activity”, by “area” or by the “agenda”, available on the left side of the page
• For more details about the activity, click on “Read More”
• Available activities are signaled with an “Open registration” button
• Activities that are not currently open for registration offer the possibility for you to express your interest, just click on the “I'm interested” button
• Important: if you are a member of CBR and are logged into the Member's Space, just click on the “Educa” CBR menu and then on “Courses” to access the page adjusted to your profile, that is, free access to some materials, like the CBR Webinar, for example.

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