2018-08-31 10:19:57 - 8

CBR has the prerogative, legally guaranteed, to confer specialist titles

The CBR, due to an agreement signed with the AMB, has the legally guaranteed prerogative, possibly together with other associations, of granting the following specialist titles and certificates in the area of expertise: Radiology and Image Diagnosis General Ultrasound Ultrasound in Gynecology and Obstetrics Mammography Vascular Doppler Ultrasound Bone Densitometry Diagnostic Neuroradiology Therapeutic Neuroradiology Interventional Radiology and Angioradiology Thus, only the CBR has the legitimacy to grant and issue the specialist titles or certificates in the area mentioned above, according to the rules of the Brazilian Medical Association. Furthermore, according to Article 115 of the Code of Medical Ethics, physicians are prohibited from “announcing scientific titles that they cannot prove and a specialty or area of expertise for which they are not qualified and registered with the Regional Council of Medicine.”.