CIR offers scholarship to the “ELAR - Latin American School of Radiology” Program. Registration until February 28th!

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), as representative of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR) in Brazil, supports this important initiative. The program, which is supported by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the Guerbet laboratory, offers 10 internship fellowships in different subspecialties. The scholarships will last three months and will be held in recognized academic centers between the second quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. The scholarship will be $ 3,000 for travel and subsistence expenses.

Applicants must be radiologists who are members of the CIR with care dedication or special interest in the area of Radiology of the scholarship they postulate. It is noteworthy that the grants are for trained radiologists and not for residents in the area.

Remembering that the doctor, when joining the CBR, automatically becomes associated with the CIR, having access to some advantages such as discounts on courses and other activities. In this case, they can also apply for scholarships.

Interested parties should send the requested documents (below) to the e-mail cir.admin@servimed.com.mx by February 28:

- Letter of recommendation from the Radiology Society of the country, evaluating the postulant's radiologist quality, his suitability and his proof of membership of the society;

- Letter from the head of the service where he works, indicating the suitability of the postulant;

- Letter indicating the scholarship to which it postulates and its motivations (maximum one page);

- Short curriculum including date of birth, nationality, place of work, specific areas of radiology in which he / she works, teaching work and academic degree, if any (maximum one page);

The deadline to apply for the scholarship ends February 28, while the results will be announced on March 18.

For more information access: https://bit.ly/2I2tQmI

Know the areas and places where the scholarships will be offered:

Body Images (Chest and Abdomen)

Dr. Enrique Rossi Diagnostic Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Abdomen Pictures

Oulton Center, Cordoba, Argentina

Abdomen Pictures

CHUC, Coimbra, Portugal

Advanced Abdomen Images

CT / RM Service Department of German Clinical Radiology of Santiago, Chile

Abdomen Pictures

Institute of Radiology, University of São Paulo School of Medicine Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo, Brazil

Abdomen Pictures

Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Abdomen in Oncology Pictures

AC Camargo Cancer Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Breast Images

Center of Them, Rosario, Argentina

Breast Images

Mammary Images Department of German Clinical Radiology Services

from Santiago, Chile

Mama Pictures

IPO, Lisbon, Portugal


Department of Radiology, National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Mexico City, Mexico


Portuguese Charity Hospital, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Head and neck

Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

Pediatric Radiology

Sant Joan de Déu University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Pediatric Radiology

Niño Jesús University Children's Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Pediatric Radiology

Maternal Children's Hospital of the Regional University Hospital, Malaga, Spain

Interventional Radiology

University Clinic of Colombia and Sanitas Colsanitas University Foundation, Bogota, Colombia

Cardiac image

Hospital da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal

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