Rules and Procedures for advertising

To advertise, it is necessary to follow the rules and procedures described below:

Request publication of the ad
To start the ad request, it will be necessary to fill in this form.

What is the value of the ad?
Members of CBR and ABCDI in good standing with their statutory obligations (annuities) may announce free (limited to one ad per issue/month; if you want to publish more than an ad in the same edition, you must pay the amount described below).

Non-members or members who are not up to date with their statutory obligations (annuities) and do not wish to make the adjustment must pay the Ad Insertion Fee according to the desired time of placement, namely:

1 month: R$ 214
2 months: R$ 321
3 months: R$ 428

Who can advertise?
The placement of ads is only allowed for professionals in the field of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

What are the ad categories?
Sale of Clinic/Diagnostic Imaging Service, Robbery and theft of equipment, vacancies and job opportunities.

How should the ad be?
Ad size is standard and can contain a maximum of 300 characters with spaces.

The ad must contain as much information as possible about the product or service and contact details. In the case of the theft/theft report, it is also necessary to inform: brand, model, serial number, origin and year of manufacture.

The content expressed in the advertisement is the responsibility of the advertiser.

When will the ad be published?
The advertiser will be informed by e-mail, as the placement of the ad is subject to space availability and will comply with the date of request and confirmation by CBR.

On the portal, the announcement will be published shortly after confirmation by CBR. In the Bulletin, it will enter the next edition with space available.

How long will each ad run for?
Ads by members who are up to date will run for 1 (one) month, and may be renewed by contacting them again, following the same rules and procedures adopted in their first placement.

The other ads will be served according to the time and the respective rate chosen by the advertiser.

Request your ad