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Focusing on “Neuroradiology”, ESOR Course 2019 brings together 140 participants in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro

On the 29th and 31st of August, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro hosted, respectively, another edition of the ESOR ASKLEPIOS International Course 2019, another result of the excellent international partnerships of CBR. Addressing themes of Neuroradiology, the course provided participants with practical learning, in addition to theoretical knowledge, and teachers and students were able to interact and discuss the cases presented. Taught entirely in English, it was attended by four international speakers, including Dr. Arnd Doerfler from Germany, Dr. Sotirios Bisdas, from England, Dr. Nicolas Menjot de Champfleur from France and Dr. Pedro Vilela, from Portugal. On the occasion, Dr. Pedro Vilela highlighted the high level of knowledge of the participants. “We already knew that we would find people with above average scientific knowledge in Neuroradiology. This with all groups of different professionals, from residents, the most experienced, fellows and fellow specialists who take advantage of these courses to refresh their knowledge. In this sense, the course was designed in such a way as to cover some themes of Neuroradiology during the initial lectures, later complemented in the workshops with a case-by-case evaluation. We had the initial concern that the cases should have different levels of difficulty, in order to reach each of these groups”, he explains. Doctors Leandro Lucato and Lívia Morais were the national guests of this edition. “The course was extremely useful, with high-level theoretical classes, very nice case discussions, with intense audience participation, a lot of exchange of information and exchange of cases. A super positive and, without a doubt, very enriching experience for Brazilian Neuroradiology”, emphasizes Dr. Livia. The event was held with the support of the respective state societies affiliated with the CBR. The Doctor. Thiago Krieger, president of the Associação Gaúcha de Radiologia, reinforced the importance of the event for radiologists in southern Brazil, especially those in Rio Grande do Sul, and the contribution to the health of the community. “We were honored to host this course in Porto Alegre, known worldwide for its excellence, with international professors with high capacity and experience in their area of expertise. This exchange of knowledge and the addition of details were essential for us, radiologists, to increasingly practice good medicine and help our community even more”, he says. Already Dr. Bernardo Tessarollo, president of the Society of Radiology of Rio de Janeiro, highlighted the tradition and great names of Neuroradiology in Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the benefits of hosting the ESOR 2019 edition. with renowned professors of European and Brazilian Neuroradiology, as well as networking with them and other participants. It was certainly an excellent experience.” A success among the participants, the course was appreciated for the didactics offered, in addition to the practical approach. Interventional neuroradiologist, Dr. Rodrigo Tavares Brisson, says that, at first, he thought he might have some difficulty with the language of the course. “It was very didactic and, despite being in a different language, the course was very accessible, calm and with excellent teachers”, he says. The importance of day-to-day knowledge was a highlight for Dr. Cinthya da Costa Queiroz. “I loved the classes, as they are very practical and allow us to apply the knowledge acquired in everyday life, making technical knowledge very easy”, he concludes. ESOR ASKLEPIOS International Course will be back in 2020. Follow our social media to stay up to date with all the updates!