2019-09-11 16:23:47 - 8

As a national institution, CBR reinforces its support to state societies

The Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR) has carried out a series of activities throughout the national territory, working together with all state societies. As a result of an alignment with the presidents of the regional offices during the Jornada Paulista de Radiologia (JPR) 2019, in May, the 1st Meeting of the president of CBR, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, with the presidents of state societies, via videoconference. Click here to read the news. In addition, CBR was present at all the Radiology Conferences that took place in 2019. The events, which provide radiologists from each region with the opportunity for professional updating, exchange of experiences and new knowledge, are also opportunities for CBR and the regional are even closer, joining forces in favor of Brazilian Radiology. In addition to the various strategic meetings and meetings held by the board during the events, CBR was present with its Associate Relationship area, facilitating contact with the congressman, providing information on the benefits offered, updating registrations, enrolling in courses and activities of the College , such as the Brazilian Congress of Radiology and ESOR 2019, registering doubts, complaints and suggestions, among other activities. Another highlight of this performance was during the Jornada Paranaense, which took place in June, when the president of the CBR, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, was invited by the Society of Radiology of Paraná to visit its headquarters, being welcomed by the president of the regional, Dr. Dolores Bustelo, and members of its board. On the occasion, the inauguration of the photos of the former presidents of the SRP (of Dr. Oscar Adolfo Fonzar and of Dr. Heraldo de Oliveira Mello Neto) was held in the gallery of former presidents. “It was a special moment, where an informal meeting was held, with the presentation of relevant topics for the specialty and for the SRP”, recalls Dr. Dolores.