COVID-19: the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and the practice of Radiology

The role of the radiologist has been shown to be fundamental in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the protection of this professional must start from the screening, with the questioning of possible symptoms of respiratory infection to the patient, so that preventive actions are adopted even before the exam.

In any case, the possibility of dealing with an asymptomatic patient is quite common and, for this reason, the guarantee of adequate working conditions, such as infrastructure, cleaning and adequate protection, are essential.

With regard to protection, prior training on the use, clothing and dismantling of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is necessary to ensure the well-being of professionals and avoid contamination.

For the safe development of activities, items such as masks, gloves, apron and other inputs must be guaranteed by the unit manager. In the absence of the equipment, the doctor must take the situation to the Technical Director and, if the problem is not resolved, the matter can still be referred to the Medical Councils and even the Public Ministry.

Being aware of the problems faced by doctors on a daily basis, the Federal Council of Medicine made available on its website a platform, for these professionals to report the shortages of essential items in their unit.

At the email address https://sistemas.cfm.org.br/fiscalizacaocovid/, the doctor must fill in basic identification data (CPF, Estado e CRM), guaranteed by secrecy and anonymity, which only serve to ensure that only doctors access the platform.

The questionnaire makes it possible to indicate the difficulties in the performance and care of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19, being possible not only to report the absence of PPE, but other deficiencies, such as lack of beds, deficiencies in screening and infrastructure.

The reports will be directed to the Inspection Departments of the Regional Councils of Medicine, in order to solve the problems with the local managers and carry out inspections.

The managers, public or private, of all health units, must commit to protecting doctors and other health professionals, ensuring the adequate infrastructure so that they continue to save lives.


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