Auditor Padi is an important part of a process that integrates several ends of the same professional development chain.

The internal auditor can be an employee or a person hired by the clinic/service to conduct internal audits that enable the clinic/service to join the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (PADI).
For this, the internal auditor needs to have qualifications and knowledge of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and management of diagnostic imaging services, in accordance with the requirements of the Padi Standard. One of the most practical ways to train someone as an internal auditor is to promote their participation in one of Padi's training courses for internal auditors.



Demonstrate the crucial topics to become a Padi accredited internal auditor.

Train participants in planning and scheduling, conducting and reporting audits, based on the criteria of the Padi standard. At the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

· Understand how to audit Diagnostic Imaging services based on the current Padi standard version.

· Plan, conduct and report Padi audits.

· Coordinate the activities of an audit team.

· Understand and monitor actions resulting from audits in Padi accreditation.

Target Audience:

Professionals from different areas involved with the development, maintenance and improvement of quality management systems in Diagnostic Imaging Services, in particular clinical managers, consultants, auditors, directors and quality professionals who work with diagnostic imaging services.

Teaching method

  • The course is composed of online activities synchronously (live).
  • Oral and dialogic exposition, approaching the practical aspects of the subjects that will be treated and, when necessary, will be contextualized by the respective theory;
  • Learning dynamics may include case study, analysis of audit reports, group discussion, induced reflection, group or individual activities for the effective fixation of knowledge, when necessary;
  • Instructional resources may include:
    • Video classes (asynchronous classes);
    • Complementary material: videos, films, images, checklists, texts for reading and/or templates of inherent documents.


To take the internal auditor course, it is Completion of the Padi Standard Interpretation course version 5 is mandatory, with 100% in attendance and 70% in the final exam.

To access recorded classes, you must have the following settings on your computer:

  • Speakers or headphones to listen to recorded lectures. It is advisable to have an amplified sound box to be able to listen to the classes at a good volume, or even a headphone that is free of hiss. We recommend doing a sound test from the demo class;
  • Fast internet access: access with a capacity greater than 500 Kbps is recommended to attend classes and 5 Mbps to participate in quality web conferences, check your speed at

Program content

Module 1: Audit Techniques

  1. Types of audits
  2. Determination of objectives, scope and audit criteria
  3. Audit planning
  4. Audit Execution
  5. Conducting Audits and Communicating During an Audit
  6. Obtaining and verifying information
  7. Identification and records of audit findings
  8. Preparation of audit conclusions
  9. Closing meeting and conclusions
  10. Audit report and certification decision
  11. remote audit
  12. The role of the lead auditor
  13. Conduct of the lead auditor
  14. Planning, training and management of the audit team
  15. Time management
  16. Form of presentation and distribution
  17. How to conduct audit meetings – Oratory

Module 2: PADI Internal Auditor

  1. Review of the principles and criteria of Norma Padi
  2. Exhibition scenario for the application of audit concepts
  3. Discussion between groups with situations that occur in audits
  4. Dynamic Audit Plan
  5. Conducting audit in practice
  6. Conducting an audit report
  7. Feedback to the group on the result with opportunities for improvement

Rating criteria

  • Practical activities in synchronous classes where all students must deliver:
    • Audit Plan
    • Audit Report
    • Participation in group work
  • At the end, the student will take a test with questions related to the exposed content.
  • 100% synchronous (live) class participation and hands-on activities.
  • 70% Passing Final Exam Internal Auditor Course.
  • Delivery of all work done in the classroom.

Next class: August 14th, 15th and 16th

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