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Module 5 of the Clinics Management Course teaches which care is necessary for decision-making when investing in your clinic, laboratory or diagnostic imaging service

It took place on October 27th and 28th at the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) of the Clinical Management Course - Module 5, which was taught by professors Carlos Moura and Paulo Alexandrino. The main objective of this module was to teach professionals who work in the Supplementary Health segment to analyze and understand what care and investments are necessary in order to obtain good financial returns, with minimal risk of losses in the segment.

The course had participants from several states, such as Paraná and Espírito Santo. The radiologist Dr. Gustavo Andreis from the Intel Rad clinic, in the city of Encantado in Rio Grande do Sul, commented on the learning experience: “It was fantastic, both in theory and in practice”. And he added: “It is an essential course for anyone in the market today. CBR was right with the choice of speakers”.

Still according to Dr. Gustavo, the viability and strategies of starting a business is one of the lessons learned through the course. According to the expert's understanding, the presentation of cases and possible scenarios made the course approach very broad. He concludes by leaving his vision for those who wish to take a next course like this one: “For anyone who is in management or who is looking to invest, I think it is fundamental”.

For Dr. Eliana B. Magalhães from the Bio Scan clinic located in Cariacica, Espírito Santo, the course is very important for someone like her who works as a doctor, but who recently entered the administrative part: “It is important to open up our vision of the business. I have no particular idea of what the extra medical part refers to”. Seeing the clinic with a more attentive eye, and knowing how to supervise all the processes that involve this area, is one of the lessons that professionals believe they acquired after their participation in the course. 

As for professionals in the administrative or financial area of clinics, such as economist Mario Macedo who works at the Núcleo clinic in the city of Goiânia (GO), the course is very valid, as mentioned in his statement. The professional participated in module 5 and other modules offered by CBR. About the latter in which he participated, he understands that despite knowing and having experience in the health area, he managed to leave with a different concept for this segment. Mainly for business issues.

Economist Mario also said that he was able to learn some points relevant to the moment of closing an agreement, such as the basis for negotiation between health plans and health plans. He finalizes what he thinks about the course, explaining what motivated him to take this module: “Our directors did it and it was their indication, so that we came to do it”.

This module of the Clinics Management course was certainly one of the best, mainly because in addition to the theoretical part with the presentation of cases, the students were very participatory. Professor Paulo stated that in addition to this interaction, students leave prepared.

The professor also said: “Perhaps they will not leave with 100% of the answers that came, but they will leave with the correct questions that they will have to ask to make a right decision”.

He ends by saying that the examples and experiences shared by him and Professor Carlos Moura are 100% applicable by the participants, in the week following the course. Updating is always a great deal.

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