Course Understanding the PADI Standard – 2022

The course Understanding Norma Padi has the general objective of helping participants to know, interpret and apply the principles and criteria of Norma Padi version 5 – 2022 to 2024. Also, to make them understand the rules and functioning of the Accreditation Program in Diagnostic Imaging.

Workload: 13 hours

Format: EAD (recorded classes)

Prerequisite: Not applicable. 

Target Audience: Professionals working with quality management and accreditation/certification (managers, consultants) and in radiology and diagnostic imaging services. Professionals from different areas involved with the development, maintenance and improvement of quality management systems in Diagnostic Imaging Services, in particular clinical managers, consultants, auditors, directors and quality professionals of radiology and diagnostic imaging clinics.

Start: Scheduled for March/2022

The course also has the following objectives:

• Present the methodology of the Padi Accreditation Program 
• Know the market and context of Diagnostic Imaging services in Brazil
• Know the principles of Norma Padi
• Interpret and apply the Padi Standard criteria appropriately


The course is made up of recorded video lessons addressing aspects of the subjects that will be dealt with and, when necessary, will be contextualized by the respective theory. A test will be applied at the end to prove learning.

Program content:

Module 1: Management of Diagnostic Medicine Services
1. Health sector systemic view
2. Innovations and Trends in the diagnostic medicine market
3. Operations of diagnostic medicine
4. Management system
5. Process Management, Quality and Accreditation in diagnostic medicine

Module 2: Padi Accreditation Process
1. History of Padi (when it started, Cadi, ISQua, Commissions, CBR)
2. Introduction to the Standard's Dimensions and Criteria
3. Padi accreditation logic as a diagnostic process flow
4. Eligibility for Padi Standard accreditation (types of services, legal documentation, scope, units)
5. Padi regulations (sizing, audit days, audit types)
6. How to achieve Padi accreditation (Padi flow)
7. Padi image submission technical guidelines

Module 3: Norma Padi – Governance in diagnostic medicine
1. Governance in diagnostic medicine services
2. Organizational Structure
3. Strategies
4. Policies
5. Management of Mandatory Commissions
6. Ethical dilemmas
7. Performance management
8. Resource management

Module 4: Norma Padi – Administrative-Financial Management
1. Financial planning
2. Financial performance assessment
3. Management of accounts payable x receivable
4. Management of glosses (analysis, corrective action)

Module 5: Norma Padi – Management of sensitive personal data
1. What is LGP
2. User rights
3. Processing of personal data
4. Mapping and treatment of personal data
5. Data Protection Officer
6. Management of suppliers in relation to sensitive data
7. Sensitive data management audits

Module 6: Padi Standard – Quality Management
1. Quality planning and documentation
2. Risk and patient safety management
3. Central Patient Care in diagnostic medicine service
4. Management of non-compliance, patient complaints, adverse events and improvements 
5. Quality management system audits 

Module 7: Padi Standard – Service Performance
1. Service management
2. Analytical management (taking exams): General requirements; Exams and procedures performed under sedation; Bone densitometry; Mammography; Nuclear medicine; Radiology; Magnetic Resonance; Computed tomography; ultrasound
3. Post-analytical and reports management: General Requirements; Bone densitometry; Mammography

Module 8: Norma Padi – People management and occupational safety

Module 9: Norma Padi – Management of the acquisition of equipment, products and services

Module 10: Norma Padi – Information Technology

Module 11: Norma Padi – Hygiene of articles and surfaces
1. Disinfection and sterilization
2. Clothing processing

Module 12: Norma Padi – Infrastructure, radiation and safety management

Rating criteria:

Practical activities in synchronous classes where all students must present: 
• Audit Plan
• Audit Report
• Participation in synchronous classes and group activities
• At the end, the student will take a test with questions related to the exposed content


CourseCBR Associate (Defaulting Member) | Padi accreditedNon-CBR member | Not accredited Padi
Understanding Padi Standard R$1,900.00 R$2,470.00 

Progressive Discount:

people people people people people people people people10  people

Price for non-defaulting CBR Members | Padi accredited

R$ 683.00 R$ 666.00 R$ 649.00 R$ 632.00 R$ 619.00 R$ 603.00 R$ 587.00 R$ 572.00 R$ 557.00 

Value for non-member CBR | Not Accredited Padi

R$ 887.00 R$ 864.00 R$ 842.00 R$ 820.00 R$ 799.00 R$ 779.00 R$ 759.00 R$ 740.00 R$ 721.00