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Diagnosis and image processing and Diagnostic Radiology will be some of the topics covered at CBFM 2019

Members of CBR with an up-to-date annual fee are entitled to discounted enrollment

In September of last year, the week it celebrated its 70th anniversary, the CBR signed an important partnership with the Brazilian Association of Medical Physics (ABFM). The agreement, signed by the then president of the College, Dr. Manoel Rocha and the president of ABFM, Dr. Homero Martins, aims to reinforce the mutual collaboration of the areas, strengthening both specialties through partnerships and joint initiatives. Due to this partnership, CBR reinforces the importance of the XXIV Brazilian Congress of Medical Physics - CBFM 2019, which will take place from August 21 to 24, at the Mendes Convention Center, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. With international speakers and a wide program, CBFM 2019 will address topics such as Diagnosis and image processing, Diagnostic Radiology, among others. During the event, ABFM's 50th anniversary will also be celebrated. “During the event, there will be special emphasis on activities that allow participants to revisit the history of these 50 years of ABFM, so that new generations can understand how the path that brought Medical Physics in Brazil to the current scenario was paved”, highlights Prof. Paulo R. Costa, president of CBFM2019 in his official message on the congress website. Professor Paulo adds that “the scientific, educational and professional committees are working hard to present the state-of-the-art in these three areas, allowing participants to update their knowledge and discuss with colleagues the strategies for a highly successful future of Physics. medicine in our country”. In addition, on August 19 and 20, two pre-congress courses will be offered at the Institute of Radiology at the Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP (InRad) in the areas of Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy. All participants must be registered for CBFM 2019. It is important to remember that, due to the agreement between CBR and ABFM, CBR members have a discount on registration, which must be done through the website www.cbfm.net.br. Subscribing until June 30th, the values are differentiated.