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Safe and risk-free imaging diagnosis must be performed by a physician with a registered Radiology specialist qualification

In order to practice medicine, it is public knowledge that we doctors need to have an active CRM number. The record – which we do right after academic training – is usually found in reports, prescriptions and business cards, which gives the patient confidence and shows that we are doctors. However, for several specific areas – including Radiology – there is another important and indispensable record: the Specialist Qualification Record (RQE). In practice, it is like a certification that gives us legitimacy to work in areas that require specialization, such as Radiology, we can even advertise ourselves as radiologists. After graduation in Medicine, we go through the stage of specialization or medical residency. In order to obtain the title of RQE, it is necessary to complete our specialization and, subsequently, request registration with the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) as a specialist in the chosen area. For Radiology, for example, one of the procedures for obtaining the title involves exams promoted by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR). In radiology, we are constantly working with ionizing radiation in imaging exams. Handling it properly and without risk to the patient requires specific knowledge. Therefore, the Federal Council of Medicine and ANVISA determine that Radiology services have a technical director and a technical manager with a specialist title in the area. Therefore, in the name of a Radiology clinic there must be, just below the logo, the name of the technical director, his CRM record and the respective RQE. It's a must. Otherwise, if there is a complaint, there may be an ethical process due to the absence of proof of the disclosed medical specialty. When a professional without a specialization degree performs the function, if there is a medical error, there may be accountability both in the professional ethical sphere and in the judicial sphere. It is not only a civil but also a criminal infraction, as well as an ethical one. In addition, displaying the RQE can be a way of differentiating yourself among different professionals, because, behind this title, there are years of study and dedication. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of complaints against professionals who do not have a specialist registration, due to the indiscriminate use of medical advertising on social media, which has clear restrictions, according to the Federal Council of Medicine. The CBR recommends that patients consult in advance whether the professional has a degree, before carrying out their exams, which can be done on the CBR website, in the field “Search for Specialists” or on the website of the Federal Council of Medicine. A reliable diagnostic imaging examination should be performed by a physician with RQE in the specialty of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. Accurate diagnosis guides the best therapy to take care of the health of patients, saving lives.