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Boards of CBR and SPR meet at the headquarters of the College

The boards of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis (CBR) and the Paulista Society of Radiology (SPR) @spradiologia met, today – April 19 at 12:00 noon, at the CBR headquarters, located in the city of São Paulo (SP) .

Attended the meeting in person by CBR: Dr. Cibele Carvalho – President; doctor Rubens Chojniak – 1st Vice President; doctor Ronaldo Baroni – Scientific Director and Ivia Pirani – Financial and Online Administrative Manager Dr. bernard Tessarollo – 1st Secretary, Dr. Mayra Veloso – 2nd Secretary; doctor Robertson Bernardo – Director of Communication, Dr. Maurício Zaparolli – Director of International Relations, Dr. Linei Urban – Cultural Director;

For the SPR: Dr. Cesar Higa Nomura – President; doctor Nelson M. Caserta – Vice President, Dr. Denise Tokechi Amaral - 1st secretary; doctor Douglas Jorge Racy – General Secretary; doctor Mauro Miguel Daniel – Treasurer; doctor Antônio José da Rocha - Scientific Director; doctor Renato Adam Mendonça - Director of Institutional Representation; doctor Renato Hoffmann Nunes - President of SPR Júnior; and Dr. Henrique Simão Trad - President of Clube Manoel de Abreu and Priscila Figueiredo – Director of Events, Communication and Marketing and Relationship.

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Boards of CBR and SPR

In addition to the upcoming JPR, relevant topics common to both entities were addressed, such as the current state and future perspectives of radiology in Brazil, institutional steps to defend the specialty and scientific and educational aspects of each institution, as well as the common agendas between entities that can be used in favor of excellence in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

CBR's approximation with its affiliates is part of this management's planning.

Together we are stronger!