2021-10-08 14:33:14 - 8

CBR Documentary: “The Visible Difference: Radiology on Other Screens”

CBR DOCUMENTARY: “THE VISIBLE DIFFERENCE: RADIOLOGY ON OTHER SCREENS” The Visible Difference: Radiology on other screens is an original and exclusive documentary whose main objective is to demonstrate the life story and daily activities of radiologists from different regions of the country: Midwest, North, Northeast, Southeast and South. During the course of the documentary, we will get to know and share experiences in humanized care and communication between radiologists and patients, understand the importance of the radiologist and his/her importance in the interaction with the health teams. By participating in the Congress, you will become an active member of this story and will be able to follow the first ten minutes of the documentary on October 11, 2021 (Monday) after the end of the Brazilian Radiology Marathon (MBR21) at 8 pm. The full version of the documentary will be shown on November 8 (International Radiology Day / Radiologist's Day) on our YouTube channel (@CBRadiologia) and also on our social networks (Instagram, Workplace and Facebook). We invite you to hear the stories of those who dedicate themselves daily to saving lives, bringing to the forefront those who are always hidden behind equipment and radiological reports.