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Dr. Maurício Zapparoli represents the CBR during the Annual Meeting of ESGAR

The Doctor. Mauricio Zapparoli, Director of International Relations of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis (CBR), represented the College during the “Annual Meeting and Postgraduate Course ESGAR 2023”. The event took place in the city of Valencia, Spain, between the 13th and 16th of June, and had the participation of renowned radiologists and researchers.

During the meeting, Dr. Maurício carried out several activities, the most important of which was the meeting with ESGAR's board of directors. CBR's Director of International Relations said that during the conversation, several subjects related to the formalization and strengthening of the partnership between the College and ESGAR were discussed. According to Dr. Maurício: “Both parties expressed interest in establishing closer and lasting collaborations, aiming at mutual benefits”.

Caption: Dr. Maurício Zappparoli (Director of International Relations at CBR)
Credit: CBR

The doctor tells more details about the meeting with ESGAR’s board: “We discussed the formalization and strengthening of the partnership with the CBR and potential collaboration projects, such as the exchange of professors, the possibility of joint participation in multicenter research projects, and access for our members to fellowship programs offered by the entity”. The CBR representative added: “Overall, the meeting with ESGAR's board was very positive, reinforcing the mutual commitment to establish a close and beneficial collaboration between the two organizations”.

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The College's Director of International Relations talks about the main activities of ESGAR's annual meeting: "The highlight of the event was its rich program, ranging from review courses, presentation of scientific papers, to sessions aimed at subspecialists where the latest updates in gastrointestinal and abdominal radiology, allowing the exchange of knowledge and the debate on recent research and advances in the area”.

Caption: Meeting of Brazilians during ESGAR
Credit: CBR

“The College’s rapprochement with international societies is extremely important”, emphasizes Dr. Mauritius. According to him: “This initiative strengthens the representation of CBR and Brazilian radiology on the world stage. By strengthening ties and forging partnerships with international organizations, CBR becomes an active part of the global community of radiologists, gaining visibility and influence.”

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Zapparoli also listed some other benefits of this approximation with international societies, such as: International recognition of the high level of radiology practiced in Brazil and technical advances for members of the College, through educational content of the highest quality.