Submit Coronavirus cases to CBR's BRAD Cases® platform!

CBR created a space to gather reports of cases of COVID-19 infection in Brazil. In this way, we intend to offer a reference for radiologists and other specialists of the radiological forms of presentation of the disease and its evolution in different clinical settings.

In order to streamline the process, we are receiving cases both by email (bradcases@cbr.org.br) as well as by direct deposit in our new Brazilian Radiological Cases case reporting platform, BRAD Cases®. (http://brad.org.br/pt/Home/Index). All cases received will be made available in a specific section of this platform.

The cases must be submitted with succinct content: a brief clinical history, up to 4 (four) radiological images and a brief description of radiological findings in 4 (four) lines.

We thank everyone for their cooperation,

Department of Thoracic Radiology and Editorial Board of the Brazilian Radiological Cases of the CBR (BRAD Cases®).

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