CBR Clarification on Hearing 3,661 / 2012

Today, the President of CBR, Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, released on video the current situation of Bill 3,661 of 2012 (PL 3661/2012) and the important role of CBR on the subject.

Over the years, PL 3661/2012 has been modified through substitutes. In its initial proposal, it admitted the performance of ultrasound examinations by non-medical professionals. However, due to the work of different CBR directorates, it was agreed that the ultrasound examination is a medical act and, as such, the prerogative of doctors.

Within the legislative process of the bill, yesterday a public hearing was held in the Chamber of Deputies, in which the CBR reiterated the defense that the performance of the ultrasound examination is a medical act.

Watch the full video on the CBR Facebook page or CBR Workplace.

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