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Check CBR clarifications on CFM resolution nº 2330/23

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) clarifies the main points of CFM resolution nº 2330/23 through a note, which transformed General Ultrasonography into an area of expertise.

Check out:

  • The title of specialist in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging has not been modified. radiologists continue to be able to perform ultrasonography, as well as all other imaging methods inherent to this specialty;
  • The title of specialist in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging it has not undergone any alteration, maintaining all the requirements for obtaining it;
  • The Resolution maintained the possibility of obtaining a title in Diagnostic Imaging with exclusive performance in General Ultrasound until the year 2025, preserving the right of those who are preparing to obtain this title;
  • Doctors who hold the title of Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging with exclusive expertise in General Ultrasound will continue to hold it. This is an acquired right, recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine;
  • And only CBR can certify specialist doctors in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, as well as physicians with expertise in general ultrasound;

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