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CBR studio on RQE

One of CBR's main fronts, Professional Defense - RQE, was the theme of Estúdio CBR on October 17th. The guest of this edition, Dr. Cibele Carvalho, director of Professional Defense at the College, began her participation in the program by explaining the important points of the specialty and the relevance of Professional Defense for the radiological class, in addition to commenting on her performance and participation in meetings and discussion groups in entities such as the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) and Professional Councils. On the Specialist Qualification Register (RQE), Dr. Cibele explained its differential: “The RQE is not new. We didn't pay attention and it wasn't given the due value as in recent times, due to the devaluation of our profession. From Law nº 13.003/2014, where we could oblige for the first time that our paying sources could give us an annual readjustment, there was the beginning of this discussion of the Specialist Registration, because we began to understand that the valuation given more in the normative resolutions of the ANS would be linked to the physician's specialty record. So it's like we have one more qualification, since in addition to being a doctor, I'm still a specialist”. “Resolution 1974/2011 of the CFM, which says about medical advertising, says that the examination report, the clinic letterhead or the doctor's card, must also include the RQE number, especially for the Technical Director, as it is It is mandatory that the person responsible for the specialized service in Radiology has the Qualification Register”, emphasized Dr. Cybele. Due to the agreement signed with the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), the CBR has the legitimacy to grant and issue specialist titles or certificates in the area of expertise in the areas of Diagnostic Imaging. In addition, the doctor can also be licensed by Medical Residences accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC). It is important to emphasize that the Title must be registered with the CFM, in order to obtain the Specialist Qualification Registration (RQE). The CBR website offers the “Search for Specialists”, which lists all physicians certified by the CBR/AMB, showing, in addition to the name, the status and specialties/areas of the consulted physician. As for cases involving doctors certified by the MEC, you can search on the Federal Council of Medicine. The complete interview with Dr. Cibele Carvalho and other editions of Estúdio CBR are available on our Youtube channel (CBRradiology). Check out!