2018-11-21 17:03:25 - 8

CBR Studio addresses tax issues of interest to radiologists

On October 18, when “Doctor's Day” was celebrated throughout Brazil, the theme addressed at Estúdio CBR was “Tax issues of interest to radiologists”, with the presence of lawyers Dr. Alan Skorkowski and Dr. Fabrício Angerami Poli, who are part of CBR's Legal Advice. The subject, very relevant for several specialists and especially for doctors, was broken down into several points during the program. Outsourcing in the health area, focused on the reality of radiologists, opened the discussions. The guests addressed the changes made in the last year in this area, such as the Labor Reform. “The Labor Law has changed. Before, it was very restricted, only allowing the outsourcing of the middle activity and never the core activity of the services, which is now allowed. However, as it is very recent, there is a doubt about the extent to which it is possible to outsource the core activity and what will be the consequences of this in the Labor Court when there are claims filed by the outsourced workers”, pointed out Dr. Fabricio. Other issues addressed were the best tax resources to make tax collections more effectively, taking into account that many radiologists own clinics or act as service providers. In addition, the debate brought reflections on how to make tax planning more efficient, dealing with PIS and COFINS, for example. “There is a legal thesis that seeks an economic benefit by excluding the ISS from the PIS and COFINS calculation base. This action does not bring, from an arithmetic point of view, a very relevant economic advantage because the calculation base and the ISS rate are not very high, but if we think over time or even a refund, this action can bring an advantage important," warned Dr. Alan Skorkowski. For those who didn't watch it, the program is available on podcast, on the CBR website and on our YouTube channel. In addition, we remind you that CBR members have several benefits in this area, such as free legal advice, access to the Legal Library, which includes common specialist opinions and queries, and much more. Enjoy! Click here and watch the program in full: